Medical Certificates ( Med 3)

A Doctor’s Medical Certificate, also known as a Med 3 or Fit for Work certificate, is only issued after a period of 7 consecutive days of absence due to illness. If you are going to be off work more than 7 days, it is important that you make an appointment to see your GP. Your GP needs to see you face-to-face to assess your condition before issuing a Med 3. Please note that a Med 3 is only valid from the day on which it is signed by your GP. Medical certificates can only be backdated if your GP or a specialist has seen you about the problem, and we have documentation about your condition.

If your employer insists on a medical certificate for sick leave that has been less than 7 days, you may be charged for a private sick note. Please contact Reception for up-to-date details about the cost of this fee. If you are absent from work for less than 7 days, your employer should issue you with a Self-Certificate form (SC2) to fill out stating how long you were off, and the reason. You can also obtain these SC2 forms from the Reception at the Practice.

If you would like help returning to work after a period of illness and you are self-employed or working for a company with less than 250 employees, you can call Working Health Services Lothian on 0131 5379579 or for further information click here.