Rights and Responsibilities

Under the NHS, you have the right to the following:

  • Be Registered with a Medical Practice
  • Receive a range of treatments from a General Practitioner
  • Have your treatment explained to you
  • Have a relative or friend with you, and have access to an interpreter or signer
  • Confidentiality
  • Have access to emergency medical care
  • Refuse to be treated in front of students or be involved in medical trials
  • Receive treatment regardless of race, religion, gender, income, disability or medical condition
  • Ask for a second opinion, and complain without discrimination
  • Have access to your medical records under the Access to Medical Records Act (1990)

You also have responsibilities and can help yourself and our team by doing the following:

  • Be on time for appointments –¬†Please note that if you are 10 minutes late for your appointment you may be asked to reschedule this
  • Cancel your appointment if you cannot keep it
  • Switch off mobile phones whilst on Practice premises
  • Follow the medical advice given by the healthcare professional
  • Check that you have been given the correct prescription
  • Take care with medicines
  • Share responsibility for your health
  • Tell us or any hospital that you are attending if you move home or change your telephone number
  • Use emergency services responsibly
  • Treat healthcare staff politely – abuse may result in you being asked to register elsewhere
  • Suggest to us how we can improve our care and services